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Thank you for visiting Thottbot Legends, the web headquarters for the World of Warcraft guild on the Nordrassil North America server. We’re Horde.

The guild was established in July 2010 by Melindice under the name Team TB, after she brought up the idea for the second time on the old forums. The first time was sometime in 2008 by Madrushian called Thought Robots, but that guild quickly dissolved after a couple of months.

This website was then created and went live on October 23rd, 2010. The timing was barely coincidental, because was by then, going out of business for good, three years after being swallowed up by the ZAM Network who also bought out and later, who were the two other major rivals of the WoW quest and item databases. Thottbot and Allakhazam became dysfunctional, after Wowhead came out on top being the better organized site between them. So while it may seem was created in lieu of’s forums shutting down, it was actually a coincidence. Though every time this thought came across my mind, this illustration pops up which makes me chuckle a bit.

Yes, I know, it seems off topic. ^_^

So what happened? We’re not a professional company, nor are we a professional e-sports gaming guild. So I’ll tell it how it was. If you wish to revisit these events, click here to read about them. Otherwise, here’s the short of it.

We mostly had a good run from 2010 to 2011. One minor set of dramas occurred during that time with the younger-age members which set off a vent-fest of irritation with the older-age members. That was mostly tamed over time. In 2012, two particular major pieces of drama happened with two founders, Hogger and R3, which eventually broke the guild apart by 2013. In 2015, R3, a founding member and officer, passed away due to cancer. A tribute thread was created to honour him. The site became unofficially dead at the end of that same year. By 2018, only four of the original twenty members log in occasionally. The guild on Nordrassil still exist, though on a very passive scale. I still run it as a custodian and Namaya just keeps me company. I also see Steamboy and Ragnar logging in once every now and then too when my subscription has run out.

Everyone is still free to come back to the server and continue where they left off, or leave if it so pleases them. I’ll just say this: five years at a glance, doesn’t seem like a long time, but as an adult, a lot of things can happen in one year. Since 2013, many of its original members are now out of university. We met online when they were still in high school. Many of its original members have taken up job offers and moved away. Some of them were single and now married. Heck, Namaya and I got married in 2013. Namaya (Amber) and I still keep in touch with Dasffion and Steamboy on Facebook. We’re all on a first name basis. ^_^

Let’s put it this way. People’s temperaments calm down, thought processes evolve and goals in life change. If I have today’s wisdom back in the day, I think a lot of things would have been different. Alas, it is what it is.

So here I am, giving you the short and the long, but most importantly, to set things straight and give recognition to those that made the guild happen for the time that it did.

Signing off, Omusubi/Shinozaki (GinsengSamurai), 2018/12/17.


Appala – Aurthree – Casinova – Dasffion – Hogger – Madrushian – Melindice – Darkkin – Ragnar – Sheffi – Shinozaki – Steamboy – Ztinger

They came together from in July 2010 to form the guild.


Malysandra – Namaya

They have been around for a long time and have taken an honoured place to be memorialized forever.


Aengus – Blaze – Fraun – Vynastas – Keziah

They were original members since the Team TB era.


7 Replies to “Thottbot Legends”

  1. Graham Bubblefish says:

    Interesting read. I was completely unaware of all the drama that apparently was going on. If I’m honest, this makes it feel slightly better that I never got to play with you guys ;). It’s always really painful to fall out with people you’ve known for years, who you thought were your friends, I can tell it still hurts.
    I was never a real part of the community, but have enjoyed the interactions with you guys that I’ve had. Thottbot was the first kind of online haven with a small group of friendly, intelligent and funny people randomly thrown together that I’ve encountered.

    But most of all I’m just proud that I was the first to create an account on the TBL forum and now the first to leave a reply on this page :).

    Graham Bubblefish
    (formerly sanderfr94 or McJohnsonn)

    • GinsengSamurai says:

      Hi McJohnsonn, you are one of the few people that I think about every now and then. was a legend and I really loved that place. Oops, delayed response syndrome. Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner. Real life puts me off track sometimes. ^_^

      You may not have been a part of the guild in digital form, but you were always a part of us, like many who were a part of The few that made the guild happen, did so as a tribute and representation of what we all were and where we came from.

      Also, you’re absolutely awesome. Whenever I went and do my spam deletions, you’re always the first to show up on the page of members. It always brought me a smile to see the first 50 people, as just us and thank you, for being the first to leave a message here as well.

      PS: Love your name! “BUBBLEFISH!” ^_^

      • Graham Bubblefish says:

        Nawww, thanks for the kind words!
        Don’t worry, this was the fastest response I’ve gotten on TBL in 3 years or so? 😉
        I’ve always looked up to you as the wise, wacky watcher-warden of our little community.

        I’m rather happy with the name as well 🙂 Been carrying it for a couple of years now.

        • GinsengSamurai says:

          ^_^ Anyway, if you want to keep in touch somehow, hit me up on Steam (ID: ginsengsamurai) or Instagram: whipperschnipple

          • Graham Bubblefish says:

            I added you, but I don’t know if the request came through. If it didn’t you can find me at ID: graham_bubblefish.

  2. Madrushian says:

    Recently dipped my toes back into the pool that is WoW. I have only been on Nordrassil for maintenance and item shifting. Not yet lucky enough to see any of the old crowd online. But I play more on a different server now re-leveling like a noob since it has been years since I played. It was nice to read the summary of events. I would like to highlight that, despite the drama, A LOT of good times were had as well. I know I sure had fun “back in the day”. Sometimes, especially when running through the wild world of Azeroth, I still miss the glory days when the guild was quite active. Hope all are doing well. And maybe, just maybe, I will see you in the cyber world.

    • GinsengSamurai says:

      It’s too bad we keep missing each other. The last time I logged in, Steamboy logged in a day before and while Amber played every now and then, she’s more into Hearthstone than anything. Perhaps if you’re into card games, you can find her there. ^_^

      Also, I totally and absolutely agree with you. Despite all that BS, we did have TONS of good times. My short term memory may suck, but my long term memory is really good. I remember the endless guild chats we’ve had. The runs, where we raided old places. The times when random members would do dungeons together and talk in chat at the same time, reading things out of context. It was fun and it was so hilarious.

      Anyway, yes! Thank you. I constantly think about everyone and I am pretty sure knowing what I know of you, you’re doing pretty swell too. At the very least, I really do hope you do.

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