What happened to the guild?

The guild was drama-free for about one year 2010-2011, for which then one of our members confessed on not being what they made themselves out to be. I will not name this member however. This demoralized some of its founding members and that caused a domino effect of discontent and disconnect. That bit of drama also perpetuated when some of its younger members started to create some other drama, which lead to some of its older-age officers venting their irritations in the officer’s lounge of the forums. Those irritation-driven private forum posts were then forgotten for awhile. Though not before one of our founding members left the game permanently. Ztinger was the first to go. He sent me a private message, thanking me for the last few months and gave me the roughly 3,000 gold he had, for which I deposited into the guild bank.

By the end of 2011, our guild were running dungeons and doing some older raids for achievements. We had an active group of about 9 members and another 5 semi-active members. Besides the occasional squabble here and there between the young-uns, no major drama occurred until two specific things happened that set off a chain reaction of bullshit.

The exact timeline is a bit of a mess. So I will tell it for how I recall it. The first problem, was that one of our older-aged officers named R3 (Aurthree) invited a player from another guild. Initially, they were in very good terms and that new member even seemed like a fantastic fit. However, not even two weeks later, R3 had a falling out with that new member. Being the guild advisor (leader) at the time, R3 was constantly telling me things about that new member and wanted me to kick that person out of the guild.

I had a problem with this because this was an issue between them. It wasn’t an issue between the guild and that new member. While I respected R3’s wisdom and sound mind in many things, I was annoyed at his insistence to kick that new member out of the guild. All of the things he said to me, seemed like petty problems he conjured up inside his mind. Like he was nitpicking at every single little thing, just to make his side of the matter seem more reasonable. I resisted and he eventually created a thread in the officer’s lounge of the forum, detailing his feelings. This caused some even bigger drama.

This went on for a bit, until he threatened that he will leave the guild after ‘three strikes’. This pissed me and some of our other officers off because it was arrogant and petty. R3 eventually did leave the guild to pursue his own ambitions, some of which had to do with his insistence that the guild try to become more raiding-opened, than being a social-guild. Some of us were opened to raiding, but most of us just want to do quests, get achievements and chat. However, this was the other part of the drama I don’t want to get too detailed into.

Note that during this entire time, some of our younger members came on less and less due to real-life things such as university and marriage. When we all started out on Thottbot.com, some of us were still in high school. For others like myself, I just came out of a year-long bad relationship. For others unlike myself, they started dating, started a new job, etc. By the time the guild was born, many of us were starting university, in the process of moving, getting married, advancing in our careers. So while there was drama in the guild, it was inevitable that members will just eventually disappear.

The second problem, was that by the start of 2012, after all of the bullshit that went on, Hogger (Pete) and I had a good thing for awhile. I knew he was going through some hard times. So we talked and I tried to make him feel more useful. He contributed many ideas and eventually, I felt that he would make a good officer, so I made him one. He was initially very excited and honoured by the notion. That is, until I invited him into the Officer’s Lounge, where he took the time to look through all of the threads in there. He happened upon the officer-venting thread made about a year and a half prior and that was the moment the guild cracked hard.

In his incredible sense of justice and friendship-loyalty, he gave Melindice access to the officer’s lounge, so she can read what had ensued, to give herself a chance to defend herself. That was the reason Hogger gave me when he told me what he did.

Melindice didn’t say anything to us. I figured she just read what she read and felt disappointed for whatever we said. Honestly, I had forgotten about that thread up until the new Hogger-drama came up.

After this bit of drama exploded into our faces, Hogger and Melindice had a falling out, due to something unrelated to this. So in his grief, Hogger posted up a Goodbye thread on the guild-side forums and that was the last time I saw of him. Melindice stopped showing up. She was playing her other toons, hanging out with R3. Our younger officers were no longer logging in anymore. The only people that remained post-Hogger, post-R3 drama were myself, Dasffion, Madrushian, Namaya, Malysandra and Steamboy. Occasionally, Keziah and Aengus came on.

In the ass-end of 2013, the only people who consistently logged into the forums was Dasffion, Steamboy, Madrushian and myself. Then by 2014, when Warlords of Draenor came out, the people who logged into the guild was Dasffion, Steamboy, Malysandra, myself and Namaya. Occasionally, I see Ragnar Blackmane log in, at the times I didn’t have a subscription.

From 2015 to 2017, Dasffion, Steamboy, Malysandra, myself and Namaya occasionally played. In 2018, only myself and Namaya logs into the guild. I saw Ragnar Blackmane and Steamboy log in some months ago.

I would also like everyone to know that at the end of the Hogger/R3 drama, some members had left the guild and sent me some not-so-neutral-sounding in-game messages through the in-game mail system. One was from Fraun, who basically told me that Hogger was too good for the guild and that if I ever see Hogger log in again, that I should immediately send him his way, so Fraun can recruit him into his new guild. Yes, because *I* am the destroyer of guilds? I read the message but didn’t respond. I didn’t feel like I needed to defend myself, because I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation. Of course, here I am, six years later, feeling a bit nostalgic and unfortunately, that nostalgia also brought up some irritations of injustice.

A bit off topic. Just so you know, Guild Advisors were on rotation. Basically any Officer would have the chance to take up the seat to lead for awhile, then the mantle gets passed to another. At this time, I believed the leadership fell to Dasffion as I was in the process of temporarily leaving the game to focus on my work and relationship with Namaya.

So anyway, of all of the bullshit that went on in that period of one year, what was the most upsetting, was that we all came from Thottbot.com. Many of us had known each other and interacted with each other for years, from 2006 to 2010 before starting the guild. I understand dynamics and we had such a great connection in the first year since its establishment, but all of this could have been avoided.

So I’ll say this, as a last word as a Guild Advisor – this is advice to everyone and myself.

If you’re going to start something meaningful with people you call your friends, firstly, don’t lie about who you are. Secondly, if you have something to say to one of your friends in upset, go on Skype or Teamspeak and discuss it right then and there with everyone involved. If your friendship break after that, it just meant the friendship wasn’t strong enough in the first place. If your friendship stays intact, it meant the dynamics were good and everyone was able to maturely go about it.

There is a bitter sweet ending to all of this however.

Sometime in 2014, R3 messaged me and we spoke briefly on friendly terms. In short, water under the bridge. He told me he had some game design ideas he wanted to share with me. Alas, while we did speak to each other again, the events of the past left a sour taste in my mouth. On one hand, I wanted to really throw everything into the water and let it all slide, but at the same time, I was still upset that the guild fell apart because of these two major events.

Not long after that, Melindice gave me the news that R3 had passed away from cancer. A forum post and one mass-email was sent out to all forum and guild members delivering this news. A member from R3’s new guild came over to pay tribute.

A few months after that, the forum was officially dead. Occasionally, Dasffion and Steamboy would log in and report spam and I would go in there and delete them. In 2018, I moved hosting services and closed the forums off to new registrations. Though that didn’t stop the spam. Stupid broken software! ^_^

So here I am, today, continuing this typing since yesterday, 2018, December 17th at 5:44am, giving you the short version of what went on and where we are today.

Since the guild unofficially became dysfunctional in 2014, I have only kept in touch with Dasffion and Steamboy, which we have since called each other by our first names. ^_^ Oh, and Dasffion and Steamboy got married within the last three years and so did Namaya and I in 2013. ^_^ Wait, that didn’t come out right! I mean Dasffion married his sweetheart and Steamboy married his. I didn’t mean they married each other! 8D

Today, December 17th, 2018, after almost eight years and two months, the Thottbot-Legends.com forums have been taken offline and the site will stay as is until whatever.

Signing out, Omusubi/Shinozaki (GinsengSamurai), rotating Guild Advisor 2010+.

PS: The Thottbot Legends guild on Nordrassil still exists. While no longer a Guild Advisor, I am still the custodian for it. Also, I know what some members may want to say to me right now, that perhaps I shouldn’t put this story up here so publicly. While I respect your opinion and I do also feel the same, at the same time, I also feel the truth needs to be out there for our former members to see, if they care enough. A bad taste has been lingering for a long time and while I am on good terms with some, some others unfortunately will have their perspectives. This is here to set things straight.