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Ladies and gents, I have some sad news. R3 or "Aurthree" has passed away last Sunday, of what seems to be Congestive Heart Failure. Please watch the following.

I hope you don't mind me joining your forums but I also just learned of the news of Aurthree's passing and found my way to ginsengsamurai's post and video.

My name is Jim Manavis (-Plasma) and I am Chairman of the Guild Alliance. What that is, is not important right now.

With respect to your community here, I would like to post a few words.

I was fortunate to meet Aurthree about 10 months ago through our guild in the MMORPG Star Wars, The Old Republic. From the first R3 was a polite, helpful and respectful member of our guilds and teams. I had the opportunity to chat with him on RC on several occasions and even from those few conversations I could tell he was a great guy.

I was also equally fortunate to meet Mel, who has been trying to reach me to tell me the news, however I had an ill feeling as soon as I realized something was amiss and found it out for myself.

In the last few weeks R3 was looking forward to bringing some of his guildies to our forums and our Guild Alliance banner, he posted a message that I think is fitting to re-post here. I must admit I knew next to nothing about Thottbot until today, however the little I have learned has made me thankful that Richard had such good people to associate with.

My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and to the Thottbot-Legends guild.

May 23, 2015

My name is … Richard E. Ruiz III, information that should make it obvious where the “R3″ comes from, but since the game doesn’t allow for numbers in your name and they require a minimum number of letters that exceeds “2”… I decided to write it out as “Aurthree”…

My RLF “Mel”, tried to get me to play WoW back when she started in “vanilla”, but not having the internet, made the task difficult to say the least. I didn’t have an internet connection, until the weekend that ICC was released in the stores. So, the first day I ever experienced being online, was also my first day in Azeroth. “Aurthree” was my very first toon, and started out on a trial account. I was running around clueless doing the starter quests, when I got my first “group invite”. Level 17 doing “Deadmines” was my first taste of “group content”… Now “Mel” had explained the meaning of the different roles, and “why” the tank was in “plate” armor. Just by coincidence, just before I got the “group invite”, I was getting tired of chasing after my pet, so I figured out how to turn “growl” off and take it off of “aggressive”. As soon as we zoned into the run, the tank asked how long I had been playing, I told him, “2 weeks”. Part way through the run the tank says “BS 2 weeks”… I didn’t understand “why” he didn’t believe me, until some time later. Hunters at that time had a bad reputation for “pulling before the tank” and for “not keeping their pets under control”… two things that with the information “Mel” gave me and some dumb luck, I got through that dungeon looking like I knew what I was doing. But that was my only “group invite” until much later. So anyway, I went back to leveling by doing quests, and by level 28, I already hated doing them… then like a miracle from a higher power, about the time I was level 33-35 Blizzard decided to try something new and started giving XP for doing PvP … I was so damn happy! I jumped into doing battlegrounds and didn’t come out until I capped at 80. That’s when a friend I had made asked me to join a dungeon group with him, using the new “finder” feature. I hadn’t done a dungeon since level 17, and I think I probably did more DPS then… we didn’t even reached the first boss, and someone complained saying, “I can do more DPS playing with my ass!” It didn’t take long for me to figure out that he was talking about me, but I had no idea how he knew what kind of damage I was doing. I stuck it out for the full run, and got my first dragon mount, the “Bronze Drake”, which I was unable to be excited about, because I was already way too offended by this guy who was still giving me shit about my DPS. I told my buddy, I was going to be quitting the game, and he said, “whoa, slow down… have you ever heard of Thottbot?”

I went to the site which at the time was the premiere WoW information site. I read all the “Hunter” posts, old and new, but still had questions. Took me a couple weeks to get up the nerve to post a question, but the next day, there was my answer… Awesome! So, I posted another question, got another answer. After about the fifth question, I logged onto Thottbot to get my answer, and there was a new thread… “Chatting up DPS for Aurthree”… OO I was completely overwhelmed. It started out telling me about addons. Then they went over food buffs. They explained what “specs” were and went over “stats”, “rotation”, “CC”, etc. … my DPS went from 700 to 2500 in a few days… took many hours on the dummies, but I decided I wasn’t going to give anyone a reason to talk down my DPS ever again. The thread got moved to “sticky” after about a week… by the time it was done, it ended up being 7 pages long, and it covered my step by step progress from 700 DPS to my first time in ICC as a RL, where my “pug” group cleared the first wing… Then something interesting happened… all those way cool veteran Hunters, that took me under their wings… “POOF!” they were gone… I spent the next couple years answering questions and writing guides for the hunter section of Thottbot. I had people from time to time, whisper me “Are you Aurthree from the forum?” … “I just want to thank you, you helped out my hunter so much…” I can’t even explain how amazing that felt,… knowing, not only were my posts being read, but people were appreciative of what I had to say… Incredible! Eventually WoWhead took over Thottbot, and GS one of the main moderators started a horde guild… “Thottbot Legends”! A number of us, who only knew each other from our posts in the forum got together on Nordrassil, started toons and leveled together… it was a deeply enriching experience, that is just part of who I am now! =)
Very sad to hear about his passing. We may have had in forum differences, but that is minor crap. He was intense in game, loved playing, was helpful in his own way. Always engaging and willing to comment and give ideas. A passing of a legend. Very sorry to hear this terrible news. May God watch over him in the next life and bless and heal those who were and are closest to him.
Thank you, GS for your video and thank you -Plasma for your post.

Hearing about his passing a few hours ago shocked me and made me quite sad. As it always would when I hear somebody died who was way too young. I thought it was unfortunate, but I honestly did not feel that much besides concern for his family and regret that him and me lost contact.

Now I watch my husband talk about his old friend and I read Richard's words and I cry as if a family member has died. I would have never imagined this to cause so much pain. After all, we have not been close and out of contact. However, it hurts. Somebody is no longer in this world who I didn't knew well, yet he was somebody who somehow belonged in my live. He was somebody who played a role in a great time of my life, who is in my memory and therefor leaves an empty spot in my heart with his passing.
Wow, this is very sad news. Completely unexpected. He will be missed.
(2015-06-Fri, 06:08 AM)-Plasma Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you don't mind me joining your forums but I also just learned of the news of Aurthree's passing and found my way to ginsengsamurai's post and video.

Jim, my name is Lee or "GS" as most call me here. Thanks for posting up R3's message here at the board and linking the obituary here. I'm glad that you had the chance to establish an experience with him. He always felt down-to-earth and had a lot of constructive feedback for all aspects of life. Though we did clash at some point, I regret that I did not properly continue our correspondence after that. At the very least, it was already pronounced water under the bridge, but still more could have been done.

So this is a good lesson for everyone to be less anal about the small issues and try to work together to look pass those issues. I think that's a part of the foundation of friendships, to understand each other and come to a middle ground.

I've been so caught up about life and stuff, that reconnecting with people seem to always take a back burner. Thottbot-Legends is just our hang out, even if many of us no longer come by long enough to populate it as it once was. So it's still nice to see a few come here and say a few things. It keeps portions of our past as a guild, as friends from all distances around the globe together, even for a few moments every now and then.

I have since messaged a few others and would like to also thank Mel for bringing this up with me. Which on that same note, I found out R3 had what seems to be Congestive Heart Failure. He had mentioned this to me in the past, a heart problem, but I was not aware exactly how bad it was. It seems from the few pictures I saw of him in that link you gave, he lead a life full of good memories.
This was so hard to hear.  Thanks GS for the information.

What I remember most about R3 was how much fun I had playing wow whenever he was on.  I was going through some rough times myself but I knew that when I logged on and Trueflight or another R3 toon was on that I was in for a good time.  Thanks R3 for the good times, and thanks to the rest of you while I can tell you.
It's hard to think that some one who at one time was such a vibrant member of this community is not longer with us. R3 was a very opinionated person and even if you didn't share his opinions he was open to conversation. He will be missed.
Sheffi sent me a message on Facebook with the following:

oh, wow. I only saw this now. This is incredibly sad news. He will be missed.

Thank you for telling me about this. I might not go on those forums anymore or even play wow, but I really appreciate it nonetheless. I remember the good times we had together, all of us, even if I was young and immature back then.
Hi GS and TL members, I hope I find you all well.

I am putting together a tribute page for Aurthree on my guilds site and was wondering if anyone had the time to write some background on how R3 was involved with your guild and people. It doesn't have to be long, however I am trying to track down as much info as I can for a fitting tribute.

Ironically earlier this year I started a section called 'Hall of Heroes'. The intention to showcase our members over the span of our organization (5 years, 7 Guilds, 5 games) etc. This takes the form of an interview, however in this case will be a memorial.

I will give those who contribute a preview link before anything goes live for your approval.

Thank you all for your time.
Hi Plasma, I believe Namischa sent you a Private Message about this already. If you haven't, please check your PM.